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Busy day for Sump Pump replacement
Posted on September 2, 2012 by admin

Our plumbers have been busy replacing all the sump pumps that have failed in the Overland Park area. After a long drought, we finally got some decent rainfall. Over the last two days we have had a steady downpour that has been nonstop. While the rain was needed, it is tough on your foundation for it to be dry for so long and then rain so much in such a short period. When the soil dries out lake it has over the last couple of months it created an easy pathway for water to get down to the drain tile of the house. This is fine as long as the sump pump is pumping the water out. If the sump pump is not working then you can have some major issues within a few hours.

We replaced more sump pumps over the last 48 hours than we have done all year. The problem is that nobody was able to note that their sump pump had not been working over the last 4 months because we just have not had enough rain. Our plumbers even reported several houses where there was a battery backup sump pump installed and both the main sump and the backup had failed. When we have a long drought, it is a good idea to pour some water down into your sump pit to make sure that it is working properly.

If you have a finished basement it is especially important to check to make sure that your sump pump is working properly. We actually prefer a water powered backup over a battery powered sump. The battery backups seem to fail more frequently and we still see many basements where a backup has been installed. I really like the design of the water powered backup from Zoeller. It seems to do a better job of staying clear of debris which is usually what causes a sump pump to stop working. One thing to consider is that a RPZ valve or backflow preventer need to be installed to keep from contaminating the fresh water used for drinking.



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