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Cost to install a water heater in Kansas City
Posted on January 21, 2012 by admin

The cost for a water heater is something that we always come out to look out before providing a price. The things that we need to look at are going to be used in determining if there is a need for a thermal expansion tank. A thermal expansion tank is used to protect the plumbing supply lines from excess pressure. In some water heater installations there is more work involved than just swapping out tanks. Some of the common changes when dealing with an older water heater involve adding black iron gas pipe to meet current building codes. Often the water heater will not include a drip leg or copper may have been used. We can thread new pipe while at the jobsite, so getting your house up to code is no sweat.

Bradford White is among the leaders in water heater. A 50 gal tank with a 4″ flue is $600 for the tank. If you have a 3″ pipe the cost is $400 for the same water heater. Most water heater installations involve using copper pipe and fittings and require a shut off valve on the outlet side of the water heater. Replacing the flue with a new vent pipe is another factor that can influence the cost of installing a water heater in Kansas City. These material alone can exceed $100 plus the cost of the tank and the haul off and disposal of the old unit. Most of the water heater our plumbers install are in the range of $795-$945.

If you want something that is a little more efficient Bradford White also offers a residential power vent combo TTW. The Energy Saver Gas Combo Heater System is among the most efficient systems available. The 50 gal tank is $1200 plus parts and installation.

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