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Do plumbers give free estimates
Posted on March 23, 2013 by admin

Most plumbers do not give free estimates for most plumbing projects. Especially considering most plumbing projects may only take an hour or two to fix. Part of the requirements for being a good plumber is to show up to the house with plenty of parts, tools, and materials. In order to be prepared for any situation, a plumber will experience a decent amount of overhead to operate their business.

For most projects that are only going to take an hour or two their are a few ways to approach obtaining pricing information. Many plumbing companies will have a service charge of $35 just for showing up. This covers things like fuel, vehicle maintenance, and labor. Many plumbers will want to use a flat rate pricing in order to make enough profit on the project to make it worth while. It doesn’t really make sense to charge by the hour because there is a lot more that goes into plumbing service than just the time spent on the job.

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