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Do plumbers run gas lines
Posted on September 18, 2012 by admin

In most cases, plumbers or plumbing companies will be able to run a new gas line. Not all plumbers will be able to perform this service because a separate license that is required to install gas. This is separate from a traditional plumbing license. Though it will vary from state to state.

A Heating and Cooling contractor will typically have a mechanical license. Most larger companies will also be certified in gas and can run a new line. If you already have a company that you like to work with they may be a good option.

The reason that installing a gas line requires a separate testing is mainly due to the venting requirements of the appliance. You also need to be abe to calculate the gas demand of your entire house. This is typically measured in BTU’s. Most water heaters, furnaces, and fireplaces will use a gas and need to be accounted for when sizing your incoming line.

The main question you should ask your plumber that is giving a bid to run a new gas line is how they plan to run the new gas line. Flexible gas lines or rigid black pipe. A qualified plumbing contractor will have a full size pipe threader that will allow them to thread new pipe on your job site. Running a gas line in flexible yellow pipe does not save any money. The flexible material used for some gas lines is actually significantly more expensive the to hard pipe. It does take a little more labor to hard pipe a gas line, but when you consider all of the safety benefits it’s a no brainer.

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