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Request a content management system for your plumbing website
Posted on June 28, 2013 by admin

I get extremely frustrated with plumbers who spend all of their time building links to their website rather than just improving the quality of the website. With the new series of penguin updates, you can outrank a competing website that has hundreds or even thousands of links more than you. 

A content management system is the best way for plumbing companies to get quality content on their website. You need to have somebody inside your organization that knows what they are talking about to manage your blog. A content management system is a function built into your website that allows for easy access even for a novice. The format is basically like any other blog platform and allows you do make frequent updates to your site.

The most user friendly content management system is through wordpress. You can still have a totally custom site with all the ease of wordpress. Many companies get hung up on what to blog about.



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