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Too much water pressure for Water Heater
Posted on May 31, 2012 by admin

If your water heater starts to leak water it could be due to a surge in the water pressure. Ofter the valve that is located off the side of the tank will be the first to go. If this is the case, a simple repair can be made by replacing the t&p valve. You tank can also leak from the top and even burst right down the side. The addition of a thermal expansion tank will make your water heater safer as well as ensure the integrity of your entire plumbing system.

If there is a pressure reducing valve (PRV) on the incoming water line it is usually a good indicator that you should also have a thermal expansion tank. Including an additional shut off valve for the tank will make service more accessible. In older developing cities “check valves” can be added throughout the plumbing infrastructure. These check valves will cause a water surge to be absorbed through your houses plumbing system.

Most of the areas that we work in Johnson County such as Shawnee, Lenexa, Mission, Prairie Village, Overland Park, and Olathe Kansas all have areas that in older homes we will recommend installing a thermal expansion tank even if there is not a PRV valve.

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    It’s important to properly maintain your water heater. They aren’t meant to last forever but proper maintenance will result in less problems and prevent costly repairs over the years.

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